Pompeo: Trump ‘Never Asked Me To Do Anything That I Considered Remotely Improper’

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Mike Pompeo stated during his Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday that President Trump has never asked him to do anything he considered “remotely improper.”

Trump’s Secretary of State nominee made the comments when pressed by Sen. Robert Menendez over reports POTUS asked then-CIA Director Pompeo and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to force former FBI Director James Comey to “back off” his investigation into former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.


“This account strongly suggests the president asked you and Director Coats to interfere with then FBI Director Comey’s investigations into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia,” Menendez posed to Pompeo Thursday. “What did President Trump say to you and Director Coats in that meeting?”

“Senator, I’m not going to talk about the conversations the president and I had. I think it’s, in this setting, appropriate for a president to have an opportunity to talk with his senior leaders,” Pompeo responded. “But I’ll tell you this. The article’s suggestion that he asked me to do anything that was improper is false.”

“Did he ask you to do anything as it relates to that investigation?” Menendez continued.

“Senator, I don’t recall,” Pompeo answered a second time. “I don’t recall what he asked me that day precisely, but I’m with the president an awful lot. He’s never asked me to do anything that I considered remotely improper.”



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