CNN Commentator: Comey ‘Played Into The President’s Hands By Going Personal’

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

CNN’s Michael Smerconish said Friday that former FBI director James Comey “played into the president’s hands by going personal.”


“I think the president is playing, I would say, a pretty effective political game,” Smerconish said.

“This conversation thus far has been about the legal minutiae, very interesting, unprecedented issues. But to the president, he’s casting all of the above as being very partisan, very political actors.”

“And, by the way, Brooke, I happen to think that Jim Comey played into the president’s hands by going personal–by talking about his hands. By talking about his tan lines. By talking about whether his hairline is real. It seems so petty, and so when the president now with regard to McCabe says, ‘this is all politics and they’re all liars and thieves’ and so forth, he’s fostering a narrative that this is a political battle to the detriment and ignoring the rule of law and evidence, which by the way is what Mueller is focused on.”

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