We’re Less Than Five Months Away From The Return Of College Football

David Hookstead | Reporter

We’re less than five months away from the return of college football at the end of August.

I know it’s April and everybody wants to talk about the NBA and baseball. Those are both pretty cool, but they’re not college football.

Do you know the correct time to discuss college football? Whenever you’re awake and your heart is beating.

You’ve got company, Bear.

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College football is proof that God loves us all, and wants life to be enjoyable. My college football routine has been drilled down to an exact science.

I wake up, fire up some wings, put on some brats, make sure the beer is cold, crack a few open, catch the early games at home and then usually hit up a bar in the afternoon. Now, this all changes, depending on what time the Badgers play. My schedule revolves around them, and them alone. I’ll wake up at four in the morning if that’s when they play.

This is what awaits all of us in a few months, and I couldn’t be more excited. Plus, it’s never too early to start planning for next season. My guys in red and white went 13-1 last season. Seems like the perfect time to get the undefeated train fired up. Hell, I might just have to crack a beer today to make sure that I don’t lose my form. After all, it’s what you do in the offseason that will determine what you do during the game.

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