Dem Lawmaker Who Said Jews Control Weather Visits Holocaust Museum

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The Democratic D.C. council member who recently asserted wealthy Jewish people control the weather had a tough outing at the Holocaust Museum on Wednesday.

After a brief snowfall in Washington, D.C. last month, Trayon White Sr. posted a video declaring that the “Rothschilds” control the climate to “create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities.” White later apologized for his comments, claiming he never meant to offend anyone by spouting off the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. (RELATED: DC Council Member Apologizes For Blaming Jewish Bankers For Making It Snow)

On Wednesday, in an apparent attempt to mend his relationship with the Jewish community, White visited the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

The Washington Post reported on his visit, and it was a complete train wreck from start to finish.

White and his staff were at one point shown a picture of a German woman being marched down the street with a sign that read, “I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew.” The woman was surrounded by Nazi storm troopers.

“Are they protecting her?” White asked.

“No,” Lynn Williams, a museum tour guide said. “They’re marching her through.”

“Marching through is protecting,” White said.

“I think they’re humiliating her,” Williams responded.

About halfway through the tour, White had disappeared. A rabbi who accompanied White on the tour texted him to ask where he had gone, and he replied that he was looking to see her outside of the museum and that he had to leave soon for an event in his district.

As the tour continued, the guide showed White’s staff an exhibit on the Warsaw ghetto, explaining the walling in of Polish Jews. One of White’s aides compared the ghetto to a “gated community.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t call it a gated community,” the rabbi had to explain. “More like a prison.”

Inexplicably, after the tour was over, they found White waiting outside of the museum on the sidewalk. He didn’t respond when asked why he left the tour so early.

“This opportunity has given me the chance to meet a lot of great Jews, a lot of people. A lot of good Jews that I’ve never had the chance to meet before,” he said when asked if he had reconsidered his comments about Jews and the weather. “It’s an awesome experience.”

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