Home Invasion Victims Use AR–15 To Defend Themselves Against Five Armed Intruders


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Three men were asleep inside their Glen St. Mary, Fla., mobile home when five young intruders claiming to be police broke down the front door at 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday, News 4 Jax reports.

The first intruder wore a mask and shouted, “Sheriff’s office!” from outside the trailer before breaking the front door down and shooting a single round.

Upon hearing the break-in, two of the three men staying in the mobile home — one armed with an AR–15 and another with a handgun — confronted the criminals with open fire in self-defense.

The armed victims shot about 30 rounds, killing the gunman who wore a mask — Corey Lauramore — and wounding two others — William Lauramore and an unidentified 16-year-old.

The intruders’ group was made up of a total of seven young men, even though only five entered the house, including Corey Lauamore, 18; William Lauramore, 24; Joseph Albino, 24; Zachary Bell, 20; Christian Watkins, 19; Cayden Lauramore, 15; and a 16-year-old male.

The three victims dialed 911 after shooting three of the five intruders and made it out of the scene alive and unharmed.

According to investigators, the invasion “escalated” as the result of conflict between the two groups “that was stoked by social media threats.”