Dean Obeidallah: I Hope The Toronto Attacker Isn’t Muslim, Because Trump Might Politicize It

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Muslim-American radio host Dean Obeidallah said on MSNBC Monday that he hopes the perpetrator of a recent van attack in Toronto, Canada is not a Muslim because President Trump might politicize it.


“Being Muslim myself, of course, and everyone who is Muslim, I can tell you right now is hoping sincerely that the person who did this horrible act is not Muslim. Because we know what happens,” Obeidallah said.

“We know the result is a backlash to our community. We know that Donald Trump will in all likelihood — not definitely — in all likelihood invoke this to try to further a political agenda.”

“I’ve been to Canada countless times, I’ve spoken to the biggest Muslim group up there, across the country there, from London all the way to Toronto and across the country. The Muslim community up there is very well integrated.” (RELATED: MSNBC Guest: Trump Name Is The ‘Modern Day Swastika’ [VIDEO])

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