Reporter Vs. Marine: The Breaching Challenge

(Photo credit: Richie McGinnis/The Daily Caller)

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Most civilians have probably broken in a door or two after misplacing their house keys, but they’ve probably never broken in one quite like the Marines do.

In the third episode of “Reporter Vs. Marine,” Ford Springer of The Daily Caller gave the Marine way his best shot. Springer participated in a breaching exercise with the Special Reaction Team (SRT) at Marine Corps Base Quantico where, once again, he proved that the average guy just isn’t quite up to snuff for the Marine Corps.


The objective was simple: use a battering ram with as few hits as possible to break into a door that was locked on the other side. Springer gave it his best shot, but was predictably bested by Lance Corporal Wilson of the SRT.

If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of a door, be thankful that people like Lance Corporal Wilson will be the ones coming to the rescue, not a reporter. (RELATED: A Reporter Goes Head To Head With A Military Dog. Guess What Happened Next)

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