A British Toddler’s Socialized Medicine ‘Death Sentence’ Sends Shockwaves Around The World

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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Once again, we are witnessing the horrors of government-run health care.

A British family is fighting to keep their baby Alfie Evans alive. The government decided it’s not worth it to do everything it can to save this 23 month old. At the moment there’s nothing the parents can do — they’re at the mercy of the British government and the hospital.

His parents are not asking the government to pay for his treatments, all they’re asking for is the freedom to take their baby to a place were he can get proper treatment.


His parents have support from around the world, including the Pope, and a hospital in Italy that is willing to treat him. Despite all this, British courts ruled against the family to make their own decision to seek treatment elsewhere.

The gut wrenching case is a reminder that socialized medicine is more like a death sentence. It’s beyond me why there are politicians who insist on moving the U.S. in this direction.

Death panels are alive and well, which is exactly why the government should stay out.

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