Investigation Continues Into Tragic Toronto Van Attack

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The coroner charged with investigating the deaths of the 10 people killed by a van attack Monday in Toronto released all the names of the victims on Friday. The same day, a fundraising campaign to assist the victims of the tragedy hit $1.5 million in donations.

Police continue to investigate the multiple homicide as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to say the murder cannot be linked with any terrorist organization. Even after reports surfaced that suspect Alek Minassian reportedly identified with a bizarre social media club called “Involuntarily Celibate” or incels, Trudeau has continued to resist calling the attacks misogynistic in nature.

“Obviously, the investigation is ongoing and I’m not going to comment on various aspects of it,” Trudeau told reporters as he went to the Wednesday morning Liberal caucus meeting on Parliament Hill.

He then cryptically did comment on the investigation, adding, “But a lot of people have questions as to why, and there may or may not be actual answers.”

Reports of Minassian’s fascination with the incel phenomenon arose from an examination of his last Facebook posts before he was arrested. Incels describe themselves as men who “can’t have sex despite wanting to.”
All of this massive sexual frustration is supposedly leading to an imminent “incel rebellion” that is referenced in the nether regions of the internet.

Toronto police charged Minassian, 25, with 10 counts of murder one and 13 accounts of attempted murder. Of the 16 people injured, 12 are still in Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital.

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