Trump Takes Out ‘Fake News’ CNN And ‘Lying Machine’ James Clapper In One Blow

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Donald Trump attacked James Clapper on Saturday morning calling him a “lying machine” and  criticizing “fake news” CNN for keeping Clapper as a contributor.

Trump was responding to a “Fox & Friends” segment during which former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino claimed that Clapper had been dishonest about the Russian dossier.



Clapper, who had initially denied talking to the press about the dossier, admitted later that he had discussed it with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Bongino, referring to Clapper as a “conniving snake,” walked through the chain of events, suggesting that every move was intentional and designed to get the contents of the dossier released in the media.

Bongino also pointed out the efforts made by former FBI Director James Comey to further that goal, making it clear that he was not buying Comey’s answer to Fox News anchor Bret Baier regarding the dossier’s source of funding.