Gowdy: Trump Shouldn’t Celebrate Until Mueller Probe Is Complete

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Rep. Trey Gowdy advised President Trump on Sunday to avoid claiming there is “no collusion” until the Mueller investigation completes its course.


Gowdy explained on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that although the House Intelligence Committee’s report found no evidence of collusion, Mueller is able to interview more witnesses and has far greater resources at his disposal for his investigation. As such, it may be premature for Trump to claim vindication, even if he is correct that there is no collusion.

“Be careful in how I phrase this…the best we can do is say what we learned,” Gowdy said of the House Intel’s report. “I can’t say what’s in the universe of witnesses we have not talked to and I have always maintained I am awaiting the Mueller investigation.”

“They have investigative tools we don’t have,” he continued. “Executive branch investigations are just better than congressional ones. So, we found no evidence of collusion — whether or not it exists or not, I can’t speak to.”

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