‘Closer To A War With Iran’ — Tucker Slams ‘Permanent Washington’ For Russia Rhetoric

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed “permanent Washington” on Tuesday for pushing hostility towards Russia.


“So, let’s review. Trump ran for office promising to improve our relationship with Russia,” Tucker said.

“He said that frequently and in public. Voters heard it, they agreed with him, and he won. But permanent Washington hated the idea of getting closer to Russia. They’ve been pushing a war with Iran for years, that’s obvious now,” The Daily Caller co-founder said. “Closer ties with Russia would make an Iran war far more complicated. Putin had to be the arch villain, the most evil man in the world.”

“Never mind China or Mexico or other countries whose behavior is actually hurting the United States. Russia needed to be our enemy–a country with the economy the size of Texas that can’t make a working escalator. They needed to be evil, no matter what voters said they wanted. And so that happened. The policies that Trump ran on are now considered evidence of a crime. America is that much closer to a war with Iran. Mission accomplished.”

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