Check Out The World’s Smallest Bagpiper Rock [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter

A three-year-old boy got to have his dream come true when he donned a bagpipe and participated in the annual Southern Maryland Celtic Festival.

In video that surfaced Thursday, we can see the little bagpiper, Callum, march along at the event last the weekend.


“Watch three-year-old Callum’s dream come true as he marched and played the bagpipes with the Ceól Néamh pipe band during the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival,” the caption next to the post on Fox News’ Facebook read.

The little guy doesn’t miss a single step as he marches along decked out in the traditional highland attire complete with a kilt and a miniature set of bagpipes.

The three-year-old was invited to play with the group from Lancaster, Pennsylvania at the 40th annual festival, according to MSN.

Taking a glance through social media it appears little bagpipers are hard to find. But we did find this video from a gathering in 2010 of another three-year-old bag piper rocking out. The post shared on YouTube doesn’t explain where it was taken and only read, “Marco 3 years old Playing Bagpipes,” but it’s great.