Fox’s Kennedy Calls John Kerry The ‘Jane Fonda Of The Middle East’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Kennedy took aim at former Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday, calling him the “Jane Fonda of the Middle East.”

Kennedy, during the Fox News show “Outnumbered,” was responding to a Boston Globe report that outed Kerry for what many are calling “shadow diplomacy.” Kerry, according to that report, has been secretly meeting with foreign leaders and trying to salvage the Iran deal from which President Donald Trump may withdraw.

Some have suggested that Kerry’s actions are a violation of the Logan Act, which bars private citizens from international negotiations on the part of the government, but Kennedy took it a step further.

The reference, of course, was to Jane Fonda’s trip to Vietnam during the war. During her time there, Fonda made radio announcements asking Americans to stop bombing and posed with North Vietnamese anti-aircraft guns (which were likely used to shoot at American aircraft).

Kennedy went on to clarify her point, saying, “I’m not even kidding about that! There’s something about that that is so unethical and underhanded and, put politics aside, foreign policy and diplomacy are supposed to be separate from domestic politics.”