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The internet has opened up an amazing world for self-publishers and promoters. Getting your book noticed on Amazon has obvious benefits—it’s one of the most popular sites out there—but the process might feel tricky to first-timers. This 3-hour course was designed to ease your fears. At 10% off, it makes a lot of sense if you’ve been afraid to take the leap and want some guidance.

Normally $20, this Amazon Kindle course is 10 percent off

Normally $20, this Amazon Kindle course is 10 percent off

Amazon Kindle Best Seller on sale for $18

Over 35 lectures the course guides you through creating, publishing, and promoting a book to get on Amazon’s best-seller list. Learn about outsourcing your idea for writing, and how to format, design, and title your book for optimal exposure. Then move on to the nuts and bolts needed to get the book online, and how to tie-in your subject matter to promote across conventional and less obvious avenues.

The course wraps up with earnings and gives you the practical insight necessary to generate a decent income from your new book. Check it out now and begin your bestseller journey—currently $18 after discount.

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