At Least 7 Killed, 17 Wounded In Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail

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At least seven people have been killed and 17 wounded after a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan’s capital, The Associated Press reports.

The eight suicide bombers involved in the two attacks struck two police stations in Kabul. One of the bombings was claimed by ISIS and the other by the Taliban.

In the first attack that killed two policemen and wounded three others, attackers threw grenades at a police station, setting part of the building on fire and blowing themselves up in the process.

In the second attack that killed five people and wounded 14, one attacker bombed the entrance of a police station to create an entryway for four other bombers. Several other attackers were outside the building shooting at police officers.

These two instances are two comparatively small twin bombings in a line of multiple other recent attacks by IS and the Taliban in cities like Kabul with “Western-backed government and security forces.”

Three days ago, a bomb attack killed at least 12 people at a voter registration center in Khost. On April 22, at least 52 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a voter identification card distribution center in Kabul. On April 30, 10 journalists were killed among 36 near the U.S. embassy in Kabul.

These attacks being claimed by IS and Taliban have been consistently devastating for Afghan civilians, government forces, and journalists since January of last year.

As DCNF reporter Will Racke explained, these attacks are a result of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces numbers decreasing by about 36,000 between January 2017 and January 2018.