CNN Analyst Praises Trump For Bringing North Korea Hostages Home

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN global affairs analyst David Rohde, a guest on “CNN Newsroom” with John Berman and Poppy Harlow, was quick to praise President Donald Trump for bringing home three American hostages that have been held in North Korea.

The three Americans arrived at Joint Base Andrews early Thursday morning with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. (RELATED: Family Of Prisoner Freed From North Korea Thanks God And President Trump For His Release)

Rohde pointed out how often analysts criticize the president, and that if they do that, they should recognize when the president does good things.

“Look, the president deserves credit. He used a lot of his tough rhetoric, and for whatever reason Kim Jong-Un is now talking to him. So I want to praise him for what we have so far on North Korea” Rohde said.


“I want to be fair, we all criticize Trump sometimes. You know, he has done well. It’s wonderful these three people have been released today.”

Rohde knows what those three men are experiencing at this moment.

Back in 2008, Rohde was writing a book on the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan, when he, his driver and his interpreter where kidnapped. They were on their way to interview a Taliban commander, but never made it. It’s believed that they were being held by Jalaluddin Haqqani, a warlord and former Mujahideen fighter.

They were held for seven months before escaping. Rohde and his driver, Tahir Ludin, snuck past guards who were asleep and climbed over a 10-foot wall.