QUIZ: Which Bond Girl Are You?

(Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Janie Reynolds Contributor
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Everyone love a good Bond movie. From the classics to the new recreations, every Bond movie pulls the adrenaline junkies in for another thrilling adventure.

While no two 007 fans can fully agree on which actor is their favorite, we can all concur that these movies are a vital part of an entire generation of cinema. Though, just to be clear, in my opinion Sean Connery stands alone when it comes to who’s best at playing the iconic role of James Bond.

The stunning backdrops and beautiful women who grace the screen of these films complement perfectly the quick wit and sharp thinking of the Bond character. Just think back to the vivid scenes with Connery completely insouciant and self-possessed. Always cool as a cucumber.

So, no matter if you love the new-age larger than life Bond or the old-fashioned suave and perhaps more realistic Bond, you should absolutely take the quiz above to learn which Bond girl you are.