Ted Cruz Praises Trump On North Korea, Blasts Obama For ‘Weakness And Appeasement’ Of Dictators

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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz praised President Trump for securing the release of three American prisoners in North Korea of Fox News Thursday.

He also slammed Obama for “weakness and appeasement.”


Cruz addressed the three American prisoners released from North Korea early Thursday morning.

“Well, it’s a big deal,” Cruz said. “And the president is to be commended for bringing these three Americans home. That is a major victory. And it’s really the results of American strength. You know, we saw for eight years under Barack Obama a foreign policy that was really a policy of weakness and appeasement. Remember how Obama put it? Leading from behind.”

“And the problem is weakness and appeasement doesn’t work, especially with dictators like Kim Jong-un. President Trump has come in with a strong American foreign policy, getting back to peace through strength, and I think we are seeing the results of it with three Americans coming home.”

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