Rep. Ted Lieu Credits Trump For Hostage Release

Amber Athey | White House Correspondent

Rep. Ted Lieu, a notorious Trump critic, praised the president for securing the release of three American hostages from North Korea.


Lieu gave the president credit during a Thursday morning interview with CNN, a move so rare for the California congressman that even CNN noted that he “doesn’t like anything that President Trump does.”

“Congressman Ted Lieu, who doesn’t like anything that President Trump does, just on the show a few minutes ago, saying he supports this meeting,” CNN said after his interview.

“Yes, I believe the Trump administration deserves credit for bringing these hostages back from North Korea,” Lieu said, adding that he doesn’t think North Korea should get any credit.

“I served on active duty under U.S. Pacific Command. And it’s very clear that the United States has exactly zero good military options against North Korea,” Lieu continued. “That’s why I’m very pleased that diplomacy is taking center stage. I support the president speaking with the leader of North Korea at the summit. I hope the summit is successful.”

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