Bill Press: ‘Nobody Likes’ NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Liberal radio host Bill Press mocked New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s chances of being a contender for president in 2020, asserting, “nobody likes him.”


Press noted that the Democratic Party is currently struggling between progressive and centrist candidates and argued that different styles of Democrats suit different states and districts. He pointed to Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania but said New York could probably afford to have a candidate further to the left than Cuomo — namely, gubernatorial challenger Cynthia Nixon.

“From what I hear from people in New York, I mean, Andrew Cuomo — basically nobody likes him,” Press said, before dashing Cuomo’s chances of being the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.

“You notice with all the talk about 2020 I never hear his name — here he is, sitting governor — not anymore,” he asserted.

“Andrew Cuomo is younger [than California Governor Jerry Brown], governor of the other large, blue coastal state, you go through the list of 2020,” Press concluded. “I never hear his name.”

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