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This Portable iPhone Battery Fits Inside A Wallet

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You’re standing in the rain and about to call an Uber from your smartphone. All of a sudden, your phone runs out of battery. It’s the end of a very busy day and all you want to do is get back home. If you didn’t have a LithiumCard Wallet Battery by your side, you would be hopelessly despondent. Luckily, you can prevent this scenario from ever unfolding by arming yourself this sleek, powerful portable battery for only $20!

Normally $60, this wallet battery is 66 percent off

Normally $60, this wallet battery is 66 percent off

LithiumCard Wallet Battery on sale for $20

People often marvel at how small the LithiumCard Wallet Battery truly is. No thicker than 5 credit cards, this portable battery pack is the product of rapid advancements in technology and ingenious design. You could literally fit it into your wallet. Be sure to not confuse size with power though. The LithiumCard Wallet Battery charges devices at the lightning fast speed of 1% battery per minute.

What’s also neat is that you can charge your device and the LithiumCard Wallet Battery simultaneously. Plus, you can stick the charging pack to your device with the NanoStik pad. It is compatible with all iOS devices using a Lightning charger

Get the LithiumCard Wallet Battery today for just $20. That’s 66% off the original price.

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