Boost Your Resume By Mastering Excel For Less Than $10

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Regardless if you’re a recent college graduate or someone with years of work experience, it’s a good idea to learn Microsoft Excel, one of the world’s most widely used software in business environments. With The Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle, amplify your resume by mastering this powerful spreadsheet software from the ground up with hands-on projects and high-quality video tutorials — all for less than $10.

Normally $1990, this Excel bundle is 99 percent off

Normally $1990, this Excel bundle is 99 percent off

The Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle on sale for $9.99

This two-course bundle breaks down learning Excel for beginners and then builds upon that foundation with a more advanced approach. Kick things off by learning the basics of Excel. That includes discovering basic worksheet skills and learning how to work with formulas, the bread and butter of Microsoft’s flagship program. With three hands-on projects in the beginner’s course, you’ll explore editing workbooks from a granular perspective and create professional-quality graphs and charts. All of this means you’ll develop a set of principle skills that will impress any potential employer.

Building on your strong foundation, you’ll then dive into advanced techniques aimed at prepping you for acing the Microsoft Excel Specialist exam. Move at your own pace with more video tutorials and hands-on projects that teach you how to calculate investments and automate operations in workbooks. By the time you complete this second course, you’re ready to ace the Excel Specialist exam, demonstrating your value with additional certification to any employer.

Boost your resume by mastering Excel with The Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle for $9.99 in The Daily Caller Shop.

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