Fashion Just Got Weirder With These LaCroix Swimsuits

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Consumers can now take advantage of a weird fashion trend for summer with the LaCroix swimsuits available for sale Friday.

Public Space, a Los Angeles–based streetwear company, created swimsuits for men and women modeled after the LaCroix sparkling water beverage, according to USA Today. The company created a one-piece swimsuit for women with the LaCroix logo in the front. The swimsuits all reflect the specific flavors of the beverage including a Pamplemousse, Lime, Passion Fruit, Cran-Raspberry, Lemon and Pure, which is colored blue. The men’s swim trunks feature the same designs, which are in the same color, as well as a Fuji water bottle print.

“These are unofficial collaborations with [LaCroix] — we made these as a homage to them! Tammy (my design partner) and I are just here to give everybody a chuckle as they go about their merry ways this summer,” Public Space designer Eric Wu told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an email.

“I think they’ll be popular because [LaCroix] has built a cult brand that people absolutely love, especially for the summer,” Wu told USA Today in an email. “And we’re giving those fans a way to show that love at a pool party.”

“We enjoy bootlegging and riffing on corporate logos as a way of poking fun at consumer trends,” Wu added. (RELATED: For $168, You Can Buy Jeans … Well, If You Can Call Them That)

The brand also sells unique onesies — even one that features a Fuji water bottle.

All designs are crafted by hand in Los Angeles, according to the Public Space website.

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