USA Today: Guns Used In Texas Shooting Were ‘Less Lethal’ Than Other Shootings

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USA Today reported that “less-lethal weapons” were used during the school shooting Friday in Santa Fe, Texas, which claimed 10 lives and injured 10 others.

“Two details set the Santa Fe shooting apart from other recent deadly attacks: explosives and the use of less-lethal weapons,” read a tweet, which linked to a article headlining the fact that the shooter used a shotgun and a pistol during his rampage. (RELATED: ‘Predictable And Pathetic’ — Kellyanne Conway Attacks Dems For Politicizing Santa Fe School Shooting)

“Two details set it apart from the list of other recent deadly attacks: explosives and weapons used,” the article said. “The guns may have slowed down the gunman’s deadly rampage because they have a slower firing rate than firearms used in other recent mass shootings, such as the AR-15 … High-powered rifles such as the AR-15 can be fired more than twice as fast as most handguns. The standard magazine for an AR-15 holds 30 rounds, allowing a shooter to continue firing uninterrupted for longer, making the weapon more lethal than other firearms, though clearly the use of any gun can be deadly, especially a shotgun at close range.” (RELATED: Oliver North Defiantly Vows To Grow NRA, Punches Back Against ‘Civil Terrorist’ Gun Control Activists)

To which National Review editor Charles Cooke responded:

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