REPORT: Democrats May Be Ready To Leave Clintons Behind — If Clintons Allow It

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Many Democrats do not want to be associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the upcoming midterms.

According to The New York Times, “(I)n the 2018 election campaign, Hillary and Bill Clinton have veered in sharply different directions. Mrs. Clinton appears determined to play at least a limited role in the midterms, bolstering longtime allies and raising money for Democrats in safely liberal areas. Her husband has been all but invisible.”

The Times also reports that both Clintons face distrust for different reasons:

“And both have been far less conspicuous than in past election cycles, but for different reasons: Mrs. Clinton faces distrust on the left, where she is seen as an avatar of the Democratic establishment, and raw enmity on the right. Mr. Clinton has been largely sidelined amid new scrutiny of his past misconduct with women.”

While Democrats may want to keep their distance from the Clintons, Republicans have a completely different view.

Most Republicans want to make Hillary Clinton the star of their 2018 message, making the unpopular former candidate a perfect example of the party’s out-of-touch, elitist image. (RELATED: Republicans Have A Plan For 2018 — It’s Terrible News For Hillary Clinton)

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