Sanders Fact Checks Reporter On NoKo Challenge Coin


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders fact checked ABC’s Jon Karl on Tuesday over the creation of a North Korea challenge coin.


After President Donald Trump said a meeting with North Korea may be delayed past June, Karl asked if it was “premature” for the White House to create the coin. (RELATED: The White House Releases Commemorative Coins For Trump’s Upcoming Meeting With Kim Jong Un)

Sanders got a slight smirk on her face before she explained to Karl how the process for creating the coin works.

“In terms of the coins, this is not something that the White House has anything to do with,” Sanders said. “We don’t have any input on the design, the manufacture, the process, in any capacity.”

“This is a standard procedure by the White House Communications Agency which is made up exclusively of career military officials and these coins are designed and done by that organization,” she added.

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