ICE’s Homan: ‘Animals Kill For Survival, MS-13 Kills For Sport’

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Acting ICE director Thomas Homan said Wednesday that it is “kind” to refer to MS-13 gang members as animals.


During a roundtable with President Donald Trump about immigration and the violent MS-13 gang, Homan addressed recent remarks from Trump where he called MS-13 members “animals.” (RELATED: Media Falsely Accuses Trump Of Calling Immigrants ‘Animals’)

Homan explained that they made 300 criminal arrests of MS-13 members in Long Island, New York, and nearly half of those arrests were of illegal immigrant minors. (RELATED: White House Trolls Media Over MS-13 ‘Animals’)

“MS-13 terrorizes communities and they commit violent crime as you said,’ Homan said, addressing the president. “I know you’ve been taking a hit on your comments about animals and MS-13, but I think you’re being kind.”

“Animals kill for survival, MS-13 kills for sport,” he said. “They kill to terrorize and there’s a big difference there.”

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