Bernie’s Former Campaign Manager Says He Is Considering A 2020 Run

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Mike Brest Reporter
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Bernie Sanders’ former campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Tuesday on C-SPAN that the Vermont senator is contemplating another presidential run in 2020.

Weaver said, “When the time comes I think we’ll have an answer to that. But right now he’s still considering it.”

Senator Sanders tweeted last week his plan to run for reelection to maintain his seat in the Senate.

He followed up his announcement by tweeting, “These are frightening and unprecedented times. We have a president who is not only a pathological liar, but someone who is trying to win votes by dividing our nation up based on the color of our skin, our country of origin, our religion, our gender or our sexual orientation.”

Sanders had a large following during the 2016 primaries, but ultimately lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton. There are expected be more candidates fighting for the Democratic nomination in 2020.