Joy Behar: Trump ‘Can’t Really Take Credit’ For The Economy, It Was Obama [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar said President Donald Trump “can’t really take credit” for the economy and that it was Barack Obama who made it what it is today.

The comment came during a panel discussion on “The View” Tuesday about the tweet Trump sent out on Memorial Day touting the accomplishments of his presidency, noting “the best economy in decades” and the “lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics ever.”

“First of all Obama pulled the U.S. out of the great recession and the economy has been steadily improving since,” Joy Behar explained. “So he can’t really take credit for anything that he’s done. He also inherited low unemployment numbers from Obama. The unemployment rate for Blacks and Hispanics declined dramatically under Obama.”

Meghan McCain called the tweet “so tone-deaf and so insulting to every veteran who died” and praised CNN anchor Jake Tapper for posting pictures of fallen soldiers on his social media feed all weekend.

“I think the greatest point is that we should be talking about our fallen soldier who have lost their lives for our country,” McCain responded. “I actually think that — I was actually taken aback. I was sick in bed on my computer and when I saw it I was actually shocked by it.”

“People like Jake Tapper were going over the weekend posting photos and the names of fallen soldiers and I think we need to say the names. Matthew Stanley is a guy who died in 2006 in Baghdad,” she added. “My father wears his bracelet every day. I think we should say the names on Memorial day. And next Memorial Day he [Trump] should say the names of every soldier who has been killed in Iraq and tweet it back and forth. It was so tone-deaf and so insulting to every veteran who died. ”

“What is so odd to me is that he calls himself sort of this law and order president and talks so much about his support of the military and, you know, never talks about the fact that he had these five deferments because of bone spurs in the knee,” Sunny Hostin said. “Never served, but then does something like this that is so very tone-deaf. He’s sort of making Memorial Day a day about him, a day about fallen soldiers and when he was never a soldier.”