Kellyanne Conway On Michelle Wolf’s Sarah Sanders Jokes: I Remember ‘When Comedians Were Funny’

Justin Caruso Contributor

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway hit back at Michelle Wolf after her attacks on Sarah Sanders Tuesday.

Conway said that she remembered “when comedians were funny” on “Fox & Friends.”


Wolf used her new Netflix show to attack Sarah Sanders for having an “ugly personality.”

“I hardly saw that, but all I can talk about is Sarah. I love working with her every single day here at the White House. She does a wonderful job representing the president and speaking to America on what is a very fast-moving agenda here,” Conway said.

“The sheer velocity and volume that goes on in this White House, the things that the president wants to work on — we just reviewed them this morning. So, I hate to dignify it. I would say, generally speaking, not about that woman, but generally speaking, I’m old enough to remember when comedians were funny,” she added. (RELATED: ‘She Is Some Fighter’ — President Trump Points Out Kellyanne Conway And Tells Her Why He Loves Working With Her)

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