500 Days Of Trump — Time Flies When You’re Winning

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist

President Donald Trump and his administration celebrated his first 500 days in office on Monday.

The sky isn’t falling yet. In fact, the Trump administration has had a very successful first 500 days.

A few are even calling him the most effective U.S. president since Ronald Reagan, which Trump mentioned in a tweet.


Do you remember what his critics had to say before he took office?

Do you remember when talking heads and leftists predicted an economic collapse and stock market mayhem under Trump ?

They also predicted he would get the U.S. into a war and that he would ruin America’s status as a global leader.

In a nutshell they said he would destroy the presidency, and so far his critics have been very wrong. The Trump administration has made tremendous progress on many fronts, not only at home but also internationally.

The American economy is stronger, people are going back to work. Some 3 million jobs have been created since Trump took office, and unemployment hit an 18-year low.

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