Trump Trade Adviser: There’s A ‘Special Place In Hell’ For Trudeau

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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President Donald Trump’s trade policy director Peter Navarro said there’s a “special place in hell” for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on “Fox News Sunday.


“There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door,” Navarro said. “And that’s what bad faith Justin Trudeau did with that stunt press conference. That’s what weak, dishonest Justin Trudeau did. And that comes right from Air Force One.”

The comments were a result of a news conference that Trudeau held just after Trump left the G7 summit — presided over by Canada. Trudeau insisted that Canada would not be “pushed around” by the U.S. and reiterated his threat to meet Trump’s promised tariffs on aluminum and steel with Canada’s own protectionist measures. (RELATED: President Trump Slams ‘Dishonest And Weak’ G7 Performance From Trudeau)

“And I’ll tell you this, to my friends in Canada, that was one of the worst political miscalculations of a Canadian leader in modern Canadian history,” Navarro said. “All Justin Trudeau had to do was take the win. President Trump did the courtesy to Justin Trudeau to travel up to Quebec for that summit. He had other things, bigger things on his plate in Singapore.

“And what did Trudeau did — do as soon as — as soon as the plane took off from Canadian airspace, Trudeau stuck our president in the back. That will not stand.”

Navarro was particularly bothered that Trump had even offered to sign Trudeau’s “socialist communique” on gender equality and climate change before he left the G7 conference.

Navarro referred to Canadian tariffs on American dairy farmers and potential protectionist measures as an “attack on our political system.”

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