MSNBC Guest Insists Trump-Kim Meeting Is Not ‘Historic’

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MSNCB commentator Jon Meacham was in denial about the historical nature of the Singapore summit with President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Tuesday morning.



“Just because something hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it’s historic,” Meacham told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

“I think when you call something historic, it means that it has a good chance of having lasting implications. And I think it’s very unclear, at least to my layman’s eye, that this does that,” the Time magazine editor stated, to which a fellow panelist chimed in with agreement. (RELATED: Meacham Compares Trump To George Wallace).

Most media outlets have deemed the summit “historic” since Trump’s announcement of his agreement with Kim. CNN recently described the Trump-Kim meeting as “unprecedented and surreal talks.”

NewsBusters’ Scott Whitlock noted that news organizations frequently use the word “historic” when reporting landmark accomplishments.

Trump and Kim signed a letter amid the summit’s close on Tuesday, and Kim promised that “the world will see a major change.” Trump said the leaders discussed denuclearizing the peninsula as well as North Korea’s human rights issues, saying Kim is a “very good negotiator.”