‘The View’ Cheers Female Candidates — Then McCain Reminds Them A GOP Woman Just Won In S.C.

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” host Sunny Hostin cheered 2018 as the “year of the woman,” glossing over Meghan McCain’s rebuttal reminding the table that Katie Arrington, who just won her primary against incumbent Mark Sanford in South Carolina, also happened to be a woman.

Following a discussion about “the Trump effect,” and whether Sanford’s open criticism of President Donald Trump — and the latter’s support of Arrington — had played a role in the primary’s outcome, Hostin explained that there was at least one benefit of “the Trump effect.”

Hostin claimed that, no matter how one defines the actual impact of Trump on other races, the result is more women getting involved in politics.

“The upside is that it’s the year of the woman when it comes to these primaries. I have just been fascinated. On Tuesday, three women won in Democratic primaries. Women will represent Democrats in all four of Virginia’s competitive House races in November.”

Meghan McCain interrupted quickly, pointing out the fact that Arrington — a pro-Trump Republican — had just won in South Carolina.

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Hostin continued, “She is a woman. It’s the year of the woman. I’m happy about that, and also a record number of Democratic women have filed to represent Congress. To date, 476 women have wanted to run.”

McCain asked pointedly, “So it’s just about gender? She won because it’s just about gender? Did you hear what I said? The woman who beat Mark Sanford who … is a Trumper, is a woman. Is this just about electing all women?”