Rudy Giuliani: Trump’s ‘Wackadoodle’ FBI Investigators Belong In Psych Ward


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Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Saturday that FBI agents investigating President Trump should be in a psychiatric ward.

Giuliani was speaking at a campaign rally for Rep. Dan Donovan in Staten Island.

“I’m very proud because he’s got that spirit,” said Giuliani of the president, CNN reported. “My God, nothing gets him down. But what they’ve been doing to him is heartless, it’s cruel.” (RELATED: Trump Uses Expletive To Describe Rudy Giuliani, But In A Good Way)

“Imagine FBI agents and prosecutors crying when Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected. I think if I could get those pictures of them crying,” said the former NYC mayor.

“Instead of investigating President Trump, they should go to Bellevue,” said Giuliani before pointing to his head and saying “Wackadoodles!” (RELATED: Giuliani: Trump More Likely To Meet With Kim Jong Un Than Robert Mueller)

“Ahhhhh we want Hillary! What’s going to happen!” he mocked. “I need a psychiatrist!”

WATCH: (via NY1)

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