Trudeau’s Summer Jobs Program Funds Islamic Group With Radical Cleric

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The Trudeau government won’t allow pro-life groups to access the Canada Summer Jobs program without violating their principles, but it is funding an Islamic group with a cleric who was a keynote speaker at the anti-Israel al-Quds day rally in Toronto.

As the Toronto Sun reports, the federal government gave the thumbs-up to the Islamic Humanitarian Service (IHS) based in Kitchener, Ont., to hire summer students with taxpayer money. (RELATED: Trudeau Government Cuts Off Pro-Life And Faith Groups From Jobs Funding)

The IHS was front and center at Toronto’s annual al-Quds Day rally, an annual celebration for some Muslim groups that looks forward to the destruction of the Israeli state and a Zionist-free world. The event originated in Iran and has spread throughout the world with a massive rally held each year in Berlin.

Ontario premier-elect Doug Ford condemned the event in a tweet last week and promised his new Conservative government would take action to ban it.


The organization’s leader, Sheikh Shafiq Huda, is the focus of a police complaint from the Jewish human rights organization B’nai Brith Canada, whose leaders called the al-Quds event a “hatefest.”

“The annual al-Quds Day hatefest is a stain upon Toronto’s open and tolerant image,” wrote B’nai Brith’s CEO, Michael Mostyn, in a statement.

Huda was a primary speaker at the event and is the lead cleric with the IHS. He brought the crowd to its feet by demanding the “eradication” of “the American and Zionist empires.”

The speech was recorded and can be found on YouTube:

Although claiming, al-Quds is not about anti-Semitism, Huda unleashes a diatribe against Zionism and the state of Israel, saying the Israeli army is afraid to face the Palestinians because they are “cowards” and they “will leave in body bags. … We challenge the Israeli Defense Force — fight like men not like cowards.”

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