Moscow Restaurants Running Low On Beer

(Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

William Boyd Contributor
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Less than a week into the FIFA World Cup, some Moscow restaurants and bars are running low on beer, Reuters reports.

One waiter told Reuters, “We just didn’t think they would only want beer.”

Deliveries are taking more than 24 hours when the establishments do run out of beer.

That same waiter told Reuters, “There are really a lot of people in Moscow … and they are all drinking.”

“It’s hot, and it’s football,” he said.

Russia has certain rules on the sale and advertising of beer

For their part, Baltika (Russia’s biggest beer company) and Heineken told Reuters they have not seen disruptions in supply.

With the U.S. buying the second most tickets in the World Cup, it is not surprising that the beer supply is running low. Combine that with the Russian drinking habits, and you are most likely going to be running low on beer very quickly. I would not be surprised if these two countries combined for more than half of the beer drank in Russia during the World Cup. Russia is drinking to celebrate, and the U.S. is drinking to forget the pain of not making the World Cup. Hopefully, Russia will get this figured out soon, so they can make the experience in Russia at least somewhat bearable.