MSNBC Analyst Wants Detention Centers To Be Renamed ‘Trump Hotels’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC Analyst Jonathan Alter tweeted Thursday that the detention centers currently housing illegal immigrant children should be renamed “Trump hotels.”

Amid the furor surrounding the Trump administration’s handling of illegal immigrant children at the southern border, a lot of attention has been paid to the detention centers where unaccompanied children — and those who have been separated from parents or guardians who are being processed for crossing the border illegally — are being held.

But as The Daily Caller has reported on multiple occasions — and to borrow a phrase from former President Obama — President Trump “didn’t build that.”

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The detention centers have been in use through multiple administrations, and the Obama administration alone prosecuted some 500,000 illegal immigrants — many of whom were separated from their children at the time.

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Alter also referenced “Hoovervilles,” the makeshift shanty towns built by the homeless in America during the Great Depression. The term, named for Republican President Herbert Hoover, was coined by the Democratic National Committee’s publicity chief, Charles Michelson.