Rep. Schiff Suggests Catch And Release Was Working

Adam Schiff talks immigration on CNN (CNN 6/21/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Rep. Adam Schiff (D–Calif.) implicitly stated that he would like to see the policy of “catch and release” to be reimplemented during CNN’s “New Day” Thursday morning.


“We don’t have to criminalize everyone that’s coming here to seek asylum. We had a process that I think was effective when people came to the border seeking asylum with their families, with their kids, when they were worried for the life of their children — we didn’t treat them as criminals … we put them through the asylum process,” Schiff stated.

He added, “I think you do need a mechanism to make sure they show up in court and we have a mechanism to do that, that was working fine,” in regards to the previous policy.

Shiff’s comments follow a week of heavy scrutiny over separating parents from children when they are detained for attempting to illegally enter the country.

President Trump gave a speech during the Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service where he discussed the catch and release policy. He said, “We have a catch and release program, too. It’s called, we catch them here and we release them in the country they came from. We’re getting them out.” (RELATED: Trump Lays Out New ‘Catch & Release’ Rules To Crowd Of Police Officers – The Reaction Says It All)