Angel Mom: We Are Permanently Separated From Our Children

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Angel mom Laura Wilkerson explained on Friday that her family does not have the luxury of only being separated from their child for a few days — they are separated permanently through death.


President Donald Trump hosted an event on Friday for angel families, which are families that lost a member due to a crime committed by an illegal immigrant.

Wilkerson, whose son Josh was brutally tortured and murdered by an illegal immigrant classmate, slammed the media for not covering the stories of angel families.

“We weren’t lucky enough to be separated for five days, or ten days. We’re separated permanently. Any time we want to see our kids, we go to the cemetery. Because that’s where they are. We can’t ever speak to them, Skype with them,” Wilkerson said.

“You guys know the permanent separation. It’s the media that won’t share it with other people. It’s permanent,” she continued. “We can never have him back on this earth. Thankfully, I’ll see him in heaven but I want to thank you Mr. Trump and Vice President [Pence] for keeping their commitment to us … please, understand there’s so many more of us than what you see here that have the same story over and over.”

Wilkerson also thanked law enforcement for doing their jobs and added that President Trump lets them do their jobs.

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