Colbert Mocks Sarah Sanders For Being Separated From Her Appetizer

(Photo: Screenshot/CBS)

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Stephen Colbert mocked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday night after she was expelled from a Virginia restaurant.


Colbert was addressing the recent controversy revolving around Sanders’ removal from the Red Hen when he sarcastically extended his sympathies. He told the crowd, “…my heart really goes out to her. She was separated from her appetizer. She doesn’t even know where its being held! What if it’s getting cold?”

By all accounts, Sanders and her party were polite and willing to cooperate with the restaurant’s request. They even offered to pay for the food they had already ordered.

Colbert couldn’t help himself and stated, “So, sweet new way for Trump officials to get a free meal. You know you’re gonna get kicked out eventually, so go hog wild on the app round. ‘Hi, we’ll have an order of jalepeno poppers, the hummus plate, the twice-baked potato skins, and a filet mignon as a starter. Oh, you just recognized us? We’ll take that to go.'” (RELATED: Trump RIPS Restaurant That Refused Service To Sarah Sanders)

Following the incident, Sarah Sanders sent the following tweet:

To which Colbert snidely replied, “what do you mean ‘you treat everybody with respect?’ You work for Donald Trump — you’re not even treating yourself with respect.” (RELATED: ‘The View’ Cohost Tries To Defend Sarah Sanders Being Asked To Leave Red Hen)

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