CNN Guest: Civility Is In Decline Because People Don’t Believe Trump Is Legitimate

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post joined CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday to discuss the controversial comments made by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) over the weekend.

On Saturday, Waters called for more protests directed at those within the Trump administration — and Lowery claimed that the decline in civility marked by Waters’ words was the result of a government that many still don’t believe is legitimate.

He explained, “There’s a column by my colleague Charles Lane today in The Washington Post where he talks about the idea that civility happens and civility works when people believe in legitimacy of the political system.”

Lowery continued, implying that the lack of civility was the result of Americans not believing that Donald Trump’s presidency was legitimate. He said, “And they believe we’re working toward — now again, we’ve had an election where we know there was foreign interference, where the person who received fewer votes became the president, where people are being disenfranchised and the Voting Rights Act has been gutted. There were people for legitimate reasons who believe our political system is illegitimate, and that makes this very difficult.”