Work Smarter And Healthier With This Balance Ball Chair

Masha Berman | Contributor

If you feel like you are slouching and feeling tired at work because you’ve been sitting in a desk chair all day, maybe you need to rethink you sitting situation. Have you tried the trendy new idea of using an exercise ball for a chair? This Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair  is a much better alternative than feeling fatigued and hurting your spine in more traditional office seating.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair — $99.98

When you purchase this balance ball set, you’ll receive the ball, as well as the support frame, that makes up sort of the legs of your “chair” so to speak. Inflate the ball first, then place it into the frame. There are so many benefits to using a balance ball while you work such as higher energy levels and a realignment of the spine, which in turn relieve the stress and pain that comes from sitting all day. It also engages the core, so you get a little bit of a workout while you’re working. Double win. Plus, the package comes with some stretching and exercise routines as well, so if you wanted to use the balance ball on its own later, you could do that as well.

You can purchase the Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair on Amazon for $99.98, and be qualified for free shipping with a Prime membership.

Are you ready to completely revolutionize sitting at your job?

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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