Mark Levin Goes After Never Trumpers In Light Of Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Picks

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Conservative commentator Mark Levin shamed “Never Trumpers” who refuse to support the president even in light of his considerations for Supreme Court Justice nominees Wednesday on WMAL.

LISTEN (Relevant Portion Begins 5:45):

“What you’re going to see is the left-wing kooks getting left-wing kookier, and of course the media giving them voice,” Levin said.

He added that we “need to get our language correct.”

“If you support the Constitution, you’re not a right-winger. You’re not even theoretically conservative, you’re a constitutionalist,” Levin stated.

Levin then took a shot at “Never Trumpers.”

“All these Never Trumpers out there, these former Bush administration officials or pseudo-conservatives who have been trashing this president left and right, I don’t mean just disgreeing with them here and there,” Levin said. “But we’re seeing here — failure, trying to sabotage him, joining in with the left — shame on them, shame on them.”

The radio show host went on to say that Trump is “correcting the courts” and “correcting what Obama did, trying to make sure this republic stands as it was intended to.”

Levin also said he would like to see Utah Sen. Mike Lee on the Supreme Court bench.

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