Toronto Has Exceeded Capacity To House Illegal Immigrants

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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So many illegal immigrants are stopping in Toronto that the city has exceeded its capacity to house them in shelters.

As the National Post reports, Toronto Mayor John Tory sent out a distress signal late Monday, informing the city that it needs more shelter space or additional funding — or both — to accommodate the illegals.

They are even crowding out the university’s dorms that will be required for students again in a few more months. The city has crammed 3,200 asylum seekers everywhere it can, including hotels that are costing the city top-dollar.

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The illegals coming to Canada’s largest city are part of the overflow arriving at the Quebec border via New York State. The Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) cannot even say if the “irregular” refugees coming to Toronto are being processed by immigration agents in Quebec before they somehow make their 450-mile journey to southern Ontario.

“We have exhausted our available sites, our resources and our personnel,” Tory told Toronto City Council Tuesday night. “We need the other levels of government to step up and assist Toronto.”

Tory noted that city manager Giuliana Carbone has informed him “that Toronto has no further ability to accommodate new arrivals of refugee or asylum seekers in our system” and she assesses the situation as “urgent.”

And that’s with the availability of college and university dorms. “As of August 9, we will have no ability to accommodate the 800 refugees and asylum seekers currently housed on a temporary basis in dormitories at two Toronto colleges,” Tory added.

“Moving just this population of 800 would require the emergency closures of multiple community centers in neighborhoods across the City and the cancellation of public programming — a step the City is not prepared to take.”

The “refugee” crisis has cost Toronto more than $64.5 million since the illegal claimants started to arrive in 2016. The mayor is seeking additional funding from the provincial or federal government, though Tory says the Trudeau government should feel obliged to assist since Toronto is merely feeling the effects of its liberal immigration policies.

Tory won’t suggest what the city can do in lieu of greater capacity or increased funding. Canadian policy won’t turn illegals back and it can take two years to compete a refugee hearing — and all the while, the new arrival is entitled to taxpayer-funded food, accommodation, public health care and legal aid.

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