‘I Don’t Think Murder Should Be Legal’ — Meghan McCain Explains Why She’s Pro-Life

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Meghan McCain went off on “The View” Thursday, saying that abortion is murder and should not be legal.


“Can I just explain my perspective, which is the perspective of most pro-life Republicans? It’s that — we are guaranteed in this country: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life, as I define it, does not include abortion. I believe abortion is murder. So, this is where the line delineates,” McCain said during a panel.

Her co-host Whoopi Goldberg then went on a rant about abortion and how some people who are “pro-life” supposedly don’t actually care about children. Joy Behar also joined in, bringing up parent separations at the border.

“I understand everyone else’s perspective. I debate for a living,” McCain said. “I’m saying that I don’t think murder should be legal in the United States of America. I believe abortion is murder, and it’s that simple.” (RELATED: ‘So Turned Off’ – Meghan McCain Unloads On Hillary And The Audience Erupts Into Applause)

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