MSNBC’s Morning Joe Blames Hillary For Trump Getting Two Justice Appointments

MSNBC 6/28/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blamed Hillary Clinton for President Trump’s ability to now appoint a second justice to the Supreme Court on Thursday morning.


“When you elect presidents, this is what happens,” Scarborough stated. “When Hillary Clinton didn’t visit Wisconsin and didn’t visit Michigan enough, and when we saw a young woman yesterday with a campaign message that was more inspiring in three minutes than what Hillary Clinton gave us in two years.”

“The fact is, Hillary never had a message. She ran a horrible campaign, and this is the consequence of it,” he added.

Scarborough’s comments came in regard to Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, which was announced on Wednesday. Him stepping down provides President Trump the rare opportunity to appoint a second Supreme Court justice to the bench. (RELATED: KENNEDY CALLS IT QUITS: LONGTIME SWING JUSTICE HANDS TRUMP THE BIGGEST GIFT OF HIS PRESIDENCY)

Had Hillary Clinton won, as Scarborough indicated, she would be the one appointing justices, but President Trump now holds that power.

“What Donald Trump did yesterday is what presidents do!” the morning host concluded.