Police ‘Deserve To Die’: Anarchist Group Calls For Death To Trump Supporters And Cops


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An anarchist group out of San Marcos, Texas is demanding death to all police and supporters of President Trump, according to several of its Twitter posts and The Washington Examiner.

“All cops (the institution) deserve to die,” the AnMarcos group said in a May 14 tweet, clarifying that their statements refer to “literally every single cop.”

A Trump supporter, represented as a Nazi, is depicted being stabbed in another tweet from the anarchist group. “We don’t take kindly to Nazis here,” the photo caption states.

“Cops are and have always been nothing but the violent thug mercenaries for the ruling capitalist class,” the group tweeted. “They’re our enemy. And yours.” The group also stated “F**K ISRAEL” in another post.

The anarchists call for open borders and “a world without capitalists … all adhering to LibSoc principles,” according to their Facebook page.

Although The Examiner identified its members as students of Texas State University, AnMarcos told The Daily Caller, “no, we’re not a Texas State group.” A TSU spokesman was not able to immediately identify AnMarcos as officially recognized by the university.

However, AnMarcos did not deny their presence at Texas State University in February — reportedly an effort to recruit new members on campus. When contacted by The Examiner, the group said some police are “wonderful people” and therefore they do not actually advocate for murdering officers.