‘Fox & Friends’ Highlights Hilarious Independence Day Trivia Fails

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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As the Independence Day holiday approaches, “Fox & Friends” on Saturday highlighted a PragerU video where beachgoers were asked why millions of Americans celebrate on July 4th every year. The responses they got did not speak well to the state of American education.

One beachgoer named “Columbus” as the reason for the importance of the year 1776 (Columbus, who made his famous journey in 1492, had been dead for 170 years when America declared independence).

Another claimed that Independence Day was a celebration of the end of the Civil War and the end of slavery, while others simply gave blank stares. One just shrugged, saying “I’m not really a history person.”

“Fox & Friends” host Ed Henry responded to the video, saying, “We kind of joke about it, but this is a serious answer that they’re giving, and this is our history.” (RELATED: ‘Superman’ Dean Cain To Put On Badge As Reserve Officer, Because ‘Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes’)

Guest host Dean Cain was not impressed either. “1776? Really? Really?” he asked. “It is sad. I’m a history major, it really hurts my feelings, tremendously. Oh, my.”